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TR2/3/3A Overdrive drain plugs leaks


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Overdrive drain plugs leaks. I used a gasket I cut out of leather, but that seems to wick out fluid. I remember John used an O ring but what type. Do I want an oil ring that has a flat top and square shoulders or do I want a round one? Do I want the oil ring on the thick side? About how thick and how tight is too tight? Stop a quarter turn before it breaks or very snug.


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Steve-I think most people just use 2 of the fiber type gaskets to cure leaks. I went to the Portland swap meet this morning. I got contact info for 2 people that have TR3 radiators. PM me with your email address if you are interested.

Graham H

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Is the oil leaking from the drain plug or running down from above, leaking from the selector shafts is the usual suspect?



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Yeh I made that hillbilly seal out of leather and it wicked out fluid, so I loosen it and retightened it then it stopped. However, I think you are correct Graham the leak is also coming from somewhere on that back section.
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