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Over $12,000 with three days left


Jedi Knight
That Sprite is way better than it was from the factory. Very Very nice car

Tying to find something wrong with car and the only thing I saw, (and it might have been angle of photo)was the rear of the top looks slightly crooked where it clips to body.

Also is that the correct bugeye top bow?

The biggest fault about the Bugeye is that it is to perfect, to nice to enjoy.
Been there didn't like it. This is a show only car, or a car to put in your garage and show off to all your friends.

I decided after my garage queen not to get too serious about my cars, so now I just fix'em up to drive and wear out till I tire of them, then sell and buy another.


Jedi Warrior
Country flag
In the photos it looks like the paint and fitment may not be as nice as the bidders think.

Also whats up with the carpet. I would want the rubber mat.

I think this car is in the drive it and enjoy it condition. It would certainly be an easy restoration in the future after many miles of smiles.


Hi Folks,

I was just driving thru and wanted to let you folks know that My "Ex `59 Bugeye" was actually in nicer condition than this one & It sold for nearly that figure (Despite the controversy).

The "LBCs" have been gaining in value ea. & every year despite the economy, despite the Marque and despite various opinions.

The B/E are cute & different. Its called "Supply and Demand".



Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Just a few additional things I saw that were incorrect with a quick look.

- Hose clamps

- Top of wiper motor and box painted.

- Pedal box and Pedal blanking paint not black.

- Bat. temminal wires not orginal cap type.

Never give me a chalange like that Mightymidget, lol.

However, nice example.


Jedi Warrior
Country flag
^^Don't forget the rear tube shocks, some sort of extra gauge next to the temp/oil gaunge and it's missing air tube for the heater. All very minor stuff....it's definitely a nice Bugeye, that's for sure. I would pay $12-$13K for it, although I'm guessing the reserve was much higher than that (since it did not sell).


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Wonder why bidding has ended? There was over three days left this morning.


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Maybe he had an offer he could not refuse from someone local.


Jedi Hopeful
Generator mounted coil on a car with a vin over AN5L >20,000. You can see the correct coil mount on the inner fender. Looks a little too red to be a "factory correct color", and why the black interior on a red car? I understand the lack of floor mats, since they pretty much don't exist, but the color choice should be easy.

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