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TR4/4A Outer tie rod ends - what's the trick?


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All my ideas have failed - how do you keep the tie rod stud from turning when tightening the nut?

There's gotta be a way that doesn't involve vice grips or JBWeld.



Bob Claffie

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If the tierod enters the spindle from the bottom, once it's in place place a jack under the tie rod end and lift. The weight of the car should keep the tie rod shaft snug in the spindle. That system I have used successfully. An alternative is to cut a notch in the top of the tie rod shaft and try holding it with a big screwdriver. (Haven't tried that but it sounds possible). Bob


Oddly enough... I was just dealing with this tonight on a friend's Mini.

As mentioned above, a jack under the rod end forcing the tapers together can often prevent the stem from rotating as the nut is tightened. You can also take one or two hammer blows to mate the tapers if a jack is not available but I hate to hammer on suspension and steering components. The best solution is Andy's method to use a "regular" nut first. That will work well if the stem's threads are not damaged and if a regular nut is available. Unfortunately for me (tonight) this was not an option as my friend did not have any spare, regular nuts with the right pitch. We had to use the jack method.


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It really doesn't take much of a hammer blow to mate the tapers in front suspensions. Just make sure that both surfaces are clean and dry...no grease or oil. I've used that method for the last 40 years without any problems. Use a brass or dead blow hammer.


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Since you are probably using a new nylock nut anyway. Just cut the nylon part off the old nut and use the rest to pull it up.


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