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OT - lot of potential Sunbeam [cheap]


Country flag
Obviously could have put this in the Sunbeam forum but doesn't seem to get much traffic and we all seem to like this sort of thing here...



Finally - a car with a worse interior than mine!


Ebay link is here;



Obi Wan


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It's worth it just for the semaphore signals! :cooler:


That's the car that "Tristan" drove in the BBC series, "All Creatures Great and Small".

There is or was a nice one on eBay recently, absolutely lovely car, restored.

Keep us posted . . .


Great Pumpkin
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Mark- Must have missed that one as I have them on my notify me list.


Great Pumpkin
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Tom, I think that is the version with the back seat. I prefer the 2 seater.


Darth Vader
If he can find the license plate light, I'll think about buying it.
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