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Original Hardtop - Identification and Value


Jedi Warrior
I would like to know a little more about original AH 3000 hardtops. This is for a nice looking original hardtop for a 2+2 3000. The stamped numbers on the hardtop are 4-0161 followed by four more digits. I assume that the 4 stands for 2+2 seating and that the 0161 indicates a January 1961 manufacture date. I'm thinking that the other four numbers are part of the VIN or body number that this top was originally fitted to. Am I reading these numbers correctly?

The exterior has recent white paint in good condition; the white color should go with most body colors. All hardware looks original and serviceable. The headliner looks original and is in good condition. The original rear window is surprisingly clear. The rubber parts look good, and the only wear visible is on the wind lace on the driver's side, which shows a little thinning or fraying beginning. It likely can be used as is, or the wind lace could be replaced.

What might be a fair or typical price for these hardtops lately?

Thanks in advance.


Jedi Warrior
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I don't believe the stamped numbers apply to any one car specifically. They are more likely just a serial number for the tops themselves and don't correspond to the cars body numbers. As for value, last year we paid 1000.00 for a nice top in need of a respray and new seals, of course Fed EX screwed it up royally and that is in another thread. But the value should still apply to your top. your top if it is truly useable as is, I would say it could be worth as much as 1500.00.
P.s. post some pics of it for a better evaluation


Jedi Warrior
As requested, here are a few pics. Some might restore this with new parts, but I probably would use it more or less as is. Not sure why, but the front latches are off at the moment, but they look fine. Obviously, the cloth and vinyl parts could benefit from cleaning.

hardtop 1.jpghardtop 2.jpg.


Jedi Warrior
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It does look very good for an original one.


Jedi Warrior
Unobtainium, eh? Isn't there a new mine producing that?

I hope to try it out in the spring. It takes quite a bit of effort to put up the fabric top, so the hard top may actually see some use. We will see then whether it needs new windlacing and rubber parts.
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