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Optimal lighting for a BN1

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As a winter project I would like to upgrade my 100's lighting to provide for optimal brightness all around and would like to get on one piece of paper bulb recommendations to provide maximum lighting: Headlights, sidelights, twin 576 driving lights and dash lights.

Lighting fixtures are stock except that I have illuminated the rear reflector pods to function as turn signals which have plastic conical lenses

In making recommendations please include relay recommendations and/or where wiring may need to be upgraded. Charging capacity is not a consideration as I have a 75 amp alternator.

Thanks in advance.


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We have a BJ7 and converted the rear reflectors to LED signal lights as well as the brake lights to LEDs. I highly recommend the LEDs for safety etc. etc. We didn't convert the front signals to LEDs, due to budget constraints. I also understand that you can convert your instrumentation to LED lighting but have no knowledge on this and don't perceive this as necessary for us. Good fortune. Doug

John Turney

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  • For headlights, I've seen the LED ones from Moss on Laurie Day's Sprite at Rendezvous 2019 and they are brighter. They are a whiter light than halogens.

  • For the tail,side/brake/turn signal bulbs, the original bulbs are 21/6 candlepower. These from the hot rod guys are 50/14 candlepower and plug in (no resistors, relays or special flashers are required): https://www.bobdrake.com/FordItem.aspx?Item=81A-13465-HP12V. I found that so many LED dual-brightness bulbs didn't have enough brightness difference between the high and low to be able to easily tell the difference between tail and brake lights.

  • No comments on dash lights, I just painted the inside of the cases white instead of light blue.


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I'm currently running Halogen bulbs in my headlights. I installed relays because they were frying my light switch. I'm also using the generator and factory wire. Not sure if I'm getting all the brightness because of that.

I recently purchased the Stella Lux LED headlight kit including the Lucas headlamp from Moss. Research says not any led bulb in any headlight housing will work properly together. The beam pattern will be off.

I've seen this Stella Lux H4 LED conversion paired with the Lucas headlamps on other sites. So I'm assuming this combination has been tested and works properly.

One of the nice things about LED headlights is that the factory wire can be used including the generator and no relays needed.

I plan on installing this kit soon and will share my impressions.

The dash light, gauges... I added a second 2.2w filament bulb to the bottom of the speedo and tach. This illuminates the entire gauge. The gas and water/oil gauge I replace the 2.2w with a 4w. I tried led bulbs, but they're a brighter kelvin, on the bluish side. I wanted to keep the 2700 Kalvin the incandescent bulbs have. (I posted a how-to about this years ago)

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