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Off Topic One of Our Own in Latest Moss Mag...

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
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Anyone else see it?


Great Pumpkin
Mickey Richaud

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
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Great Pumpkin
Greg - that is a *great* article. Congrats on the story.

I note your comment about buying "sight unseen". Something tells me that's more common than any of us want to admit. Always leads us into a new adventure.

Or as I often say, Onward through the fog.


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Thanks for the kind comments, there is quite a story to tell about me and buying TR250s, I actually bought a nicer one (less rust more original) for much less money but still a project, but at the time I did not have the resources to restore it and sold it, for a decent profit I must admit, but then I went and bought the car I have now for more than I sold the first one for. Oh well, was still fun and worked out OK.

The onliine version of the story is actually different than the print one, it has the update from me that at my second speed run I did the quarter in 16.7, shaving another half a second off of the Road and Track stock time of 17.8, I know I didn't create a rocket ship, but it idles and drives as nice as stock or better.


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I loved my old 4A one of my favorite cars ever, it rode pretty rough in my opinion, even more so than the couple of box sprites and MGBs I had had before, I think it is fairly inherent in the design, but I only owned one, so maybe I am wrong, I liked the motor as well, very punchy and at least mine was pretty smooth for a big four, I had a big bore kit on it and it pulled really well, I just wanted to try the same but different TR250 with IRS and the six cylinder motor. I like the ride and way it puts power down out of the corners much better, but a solid axle is much easier to rebuild and set up (basically because you probably won't have to do any of that with it over the life of the car unless something breaks). So it is certainly a trade off, but as I said life is short and I wanted to try something different.
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