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Oil Capacity 3000


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I found that with the oil level at the correct level on the dip stick that under (very) heavy breaking the oil pressure went. I have fitted a baffled sump which has cured this problem. However I also understand there is an increased volume of oil around the rockers at highish revs so I have decided to keep the oil level about 3/8 inch above the correct level. I can't see any down side to this.

Dave Richards

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I checked the dimensions of the stick and tube:

4-1/2 inches for the tube and 17-3/8 (not 3/16")inches for the stick.

After about 25 miles of driving, the oil reads about 1/4 inch below the max mark, that's where I'm going to fill it to from now on.

Thanks everybody for your input and help.


Does anyone no the length of the dip stick for the early BJ8? Was it longer or shorter than the 17 3/16s or 17 3/8s discussed in this thread.

Just purchased an early BJ8 and dipstick shows over full with 5 quarts. Engine number plate missing and have concern with amount of oil in car. Thanks


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Dave, you might have the wrong dipstick as Keoke mentions, or maybe you have too large a washer mounted on it.


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No Austin-Healey ever came with a diesel engine, so it's doubtful that anyone in this forum would know the answer to your questions (of course, knowing this forum, my comment will likely motivate someone to go find the information and post it).

I don't know if there is a forum for the engine you're inquiring about, but there likely is. A web search is your best bet.

Good luck.

Michael Oritt

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Perhaps some are calculating after pre-filling the oil filter, or measuring after the engine haas been run and approximateley a quart has been pushed out of the dump and into the filter....


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A little off this topic but related. I have started seeing Castrol 20/50 Classic Oil at Walmart. Has ZDDP. Only see it in quarts so far. I have been adding ZDDP with oil changes. Anyone seen the Classic version in 5 quart container?

Also the Fram filters don't have a good pressure spring and for most of us who don't change the oil but once a year due to limited driving, the K&N is much better made. WIX also makes a good filter, but I don't know the number.
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Because it's eBay, and they sell stuff in all 'conditions?' If you go to the page, it's not in quotes.

I bought a case years ago, and I sleep very soundly knowing I'll probably never have to buy another oil filter for my Healeys ;) These fit the spin-on adapter that Moss has been selling for years, with a Fram PH3600; they might not fit another type. For about $5/ea, you can't beat this deal. As for oil, Walmart sometimes put Valvoline 20W-50 Racing Oil for less than $5/qt.
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I bought these a few years ago; to the best of my memory from this seller. They were new and shrink wrapped and the box was sealed. If you’re losing sleep over this, don’t buy them. Problem solved.


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As it happens, I changed my '60 BN7's oil a week ago after a 175-mile outing in 90 degree temperatures. I went to the standard booklet that most of us carry in the car and didn't find a stated engine capacitiy. My sense is that good manuals should provide capacity information. So, I drained the sump thoroughly. I then very gingerly (meaning I kept checking the sump level) added six quarts of oil that brought it to the level I thought prudent. The new filter was given a shot of additional oil before installation, the engine turned over for a few seconds with the coil disconnected to insure the filter filled. I then took the car for a short drive and can report that the oil level is just barely below the max mark. Since a forum contributor did this earlier, I measured from the bottom of the red ring that serves to stop the dip stick's insertion to the tip of the dip stick (forgot to measure to the marks) and found that to be 12 1/8". I must add that this car has the Moss aluminum sump.
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