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TR2/3/3A OEM Paint color Number for 54 TR-2 british Racing Green


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I am trying to send a paint color OEM to Dr Color Chip to have a touch up paint for my recently restored 54 TR-2 Long Door.Is there any number on the Vin plate or car giving the paint Code? It left the factory BRG and that's the color my bodyman painted it.



Great Pumpkin
Dick - if the bodyman painted the car BRG, get him to mix you up a can of touch up paint, or find out from him what he used. There's no guarantee any commercial touch-up paint will match what the body man used.

Tom M.


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Per a chart published by Moss (Catalog #T24-125), the Dockers/ICI code for BRG on TR2 is BF.5761, but follow Tom's advice.


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We go to the local commercial auto paint supplier.
He brings his computer out to the car with the color match issue.
Bingo! He can produce any quantity desired of a exact match.
Small spray can no problem

Gil. NoCal


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The story goes that BRG was a way to use up the hundreds of thousands of gallons of olive drab left over after WW2. They added black and a glossing agent and out came racing green. Dunno if it’s true, but it sure sounds possible.

The best source of the color you need is your bodyman. Mixing by computer normally takes an iteration or two to dial it in. I used PPG46169.
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