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TR2/3/3A Numbered brass plates on the firewall above the battery? 59 TR3A


Darth Vader
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The top one has EB followed by five numbers.The plate underneath is 110198. Did all the TR3's come with these brass plates riveted to the firewall and what do they mean?

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
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Andrew Mace

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I tried Mickey's link...and Google slapped my wrist, saying I couldn't look. :( So....

Basically, yes, almost all the sidescreen TRs had two plates. One essentially designates the "body in white" while the other designates the complete painted and trimmed body. Now for the "almost" part: the TR3Bs had only a single such plate.

Geo Hahn

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The lower plate should be left unpainted. The upper on is the one Andy notes as being on there for 'body in white' so it got painted when the body got paint.



Jedi Warrior
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The plates were screwed on as George's pic shows, not riveted. The EB number runs a little ahead (lower) of the
Comm. number. Piggott's book sort of shows the correlation of the un-painted plate to the Comm. number.
(too vague for me!)
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