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TR2/3/3A Non Adjustable TR3 Steering Wheel


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I know they are N/A. Is there any demand for them? What do they usually sell for? I have a good used one I am thinking of selling.


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I bought one on e bay a couple of years ago for $100.00+ do not remember exactly. It was straight and had no cracks but the center section needed painting. I had bought another one off e bay which cost less but had cracks and the spline was not in good shape. At the time I had a TR3A but no steering wheel so I went for it.
They do show up on e bay from time to time with very high Buy it now prices claiming to be Perfect. I do not know i they get that price.

Hope that helps.

At one time it seemed TRF was trying to get reproductions made but that never happened.



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Usually they crack around the rim. If yours has NO cracks it would be easy to sell but probably still in the 100 to 150 range, maybe a bit more (but I'm no expert). You might try the classifieds on this forum.

Macy's was looking to buy old steering wheels at one point to have them re-done with wood rims. But I don't suppose they were looking for good ones.

https://macysgarage.com/wood wheels.htm

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