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Nice Bugeye spread in the latest issue...


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... (Feb2017) of "Automobile Collector" (which I saw on the newsstand). It might be 10-12 pages long. Nice.

2017-02-06 15.54.58.jpg
2017-02-06 15.55.16.jpg


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They do seem hot now... jumping up a lot since about 2012. Not sure I've seen many go for the big bucks, but they are listed as such.

2017-02-05 10.28.30.jpg


Darth Vader
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With the Bugeyes value appreciating, I've seen Square Sprites prices also going upwards as the "less expensive alternative" to a BE. I doubt we'll see a bubble like there is for a Porsche 911, but it has been fascinating to watch.

Paul McGuffin

Remember the Porsche 1976 912-E? They only made it one year. Basically a VW flat bus engine with fuel injection ( I think?). These are still sleepers. Someone here might remember back in about 2003, there was an eBay red Bugeye, righthand drive, chrome wire wheels and a really nice clean car. They were asking $13K. I think it was out of Florida. Looking back, that would have been a good investment.
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