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New Wheels and New Tires for Bugsy IV


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Tires finally arrived Nexxen 175/70/13 from WalMart 4 tires with Tax $175.00 or so and $38 to mount and balance tonight. Tires fairly soft with a 400 UTOQ Rating. One site described these as Summer Tires but Nexxen advertises these al All Season Tires. AH Logos came from the MOSS Catalog. Getting closer to driving. If I can get as much done this weekend as last weekend on Bugsy I'll be driving in two weeks. Fingers crossed.

Rims are John Brown Wheels from the UK. 13 x 5 although the Factory Web Site sells 13 x 5.5 and 6.0 and IIRC a Racing 8 Spoke that was 9 or 10' Wide. Price delivered with Shipping via DHL 2 Day was around $480 for 4 rims. Polished Rim came with Chrome Valve Stems, Center Caps, and 16 Deep Acorn Lug Nuts. I know they will look even better on Bugsy.

New Wheels and Tires - I'm Chuffed!!!


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tire porn - looks great


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Gotta lower the tire pressures they look like they are pumped up to 35 lbs or more. Trevor talked me out of Summer Sticky Tires. He shared some of his experiences as temps go below 50 and even worse below 40 degrees and all the grip goes away.

Paul McGuffin

Will those fit on my 13” X 4” wire wheels?


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Charts for wheel widths say 175/70/13 needs a 5.0-6.0" wheel width. You're limited to a 155/80/13 is about as wide as you can go. Google RIM Widths and you'll find chart info.
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