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New steering rack question...


Senior Member
I just got my replacement Victoria British steering rack today, and one of the boot zip ties was broken off. There is a small film of oily residue on the inside of the bag it came in, but it doesn't seem like there was any significant leakage. Is this a situation where if it leaked too much I would know it? I'd hate to install it without it being properly lubricated. Are these racks (made in Argentina) pre-lubed with oil or grease?

Thanks for any advice.

Desert Rat

Senior Member
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You may want to give them a call about the boot tie, for the oily residue, I've had parts come coated with an oily substance that I was told is a protective coating.


Darth Vader
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The racks are usually filled with a heavier lube. IIRC the BL shop manual calls for gear oil. If the ziptie was undone, the leakage may not be significant. VB does have a very supportive customer service staff, so they should be able to give you the answers. The rack should have a zerk where you can refill it if need be.


Senior Member
Thanks guys, I'll give VB a call to check with them. This rack does not have a zerk on it. I think most of the new replacements no longer have them.
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