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New MGB member from Naples, Florida


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Hello to the British Car Forum Members. My first introduction to British iron was in 1970 when I bought a 1966 Triumph TR4A which needed a new clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, slave cylinder, etc. Then a 1975MG Midget and a 1971 Triumph 500cc motorcycle. I did all the wrench work. Then sold everything . . . went to college, career, family and now grandkids. My neighbor had a sharp looking yellow 1971 MGB that just sat in his garage that I admired for the last 10 years. My wife finally asked him this Spring if he ever takes it out for a spin. He said, "No, it needed attention as he did a frame-off restoration 10 years ago, drove it 200 miles then became seriously ill and never drove it again. . . would you like to buy it?" Now, I am the proud owner of an '71 MGB with a 1968 MGB engine with no smog control stuff on it! I haven't worked on cars in many, many years and am looking forward to getting this one back on the road. I am sure I will need lots of help and advice from the members of the forum as this is going to be a bit of a challenge since I am a little rusty working on cars. Jim


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Sorry to inform you that we have exceeded our quota for members from Florida!

Just kidding - welcome to BCF! We do have lots of folks from the sunshine state here and you will find our MG forum quite active and helpful!