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New Member asking a question


Freshman Member
I've joined this forum to gather information about what to look for when purchasing and restoring a Triumph TR 4. I'm yet to purchase a vehicle and not sure whether to purchase one that requires restoration straight away or is drivable only requiring small repairs along the way before undertaking the full restoration?
I have one question at the moment, when restoring a vehicle, having never done this before, do you replace components with new after market parts or do you persevere with the original and have it repaired/restored. By replacing old parts for new do you lose the value of the vehicle because it is no longer original or are you adding to it because it still running and possibly more reliable then when it was new?
I look forward to any replies with advise and guidance.
Regards Anthony from Australia


Jedi Trainee
Anthony, There are a lot of variables to what you are asking. In general, if you are able to rebuild a original part, you will likely have a better part than a lot of the aftermarket new parts. That said, there is also different qualities of after market parts,so buy the best available. If you are going for a 100 point concourse car, the less aftermarket you use, the better. If you are going for something to drive and enjoy playing with on weekends, good quality aftermarket parts will work just fine and keep the budget in line. A running/driving car with a/m parts is better and more valuable than a broken down car with old non working oem parts. Alot of it has to do with your preference and goal. Welcome to the world of LBC's and good luck in your search for a good restorable candidate. I'm sure there are more expert advisors on here than me, that will add to this.

Geo Hahn

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Good questions (and a good answer there too).

Yes, it really depends on what sort of car you want in the end and how much of your time & $$$ you want to devote to it... especially time before you ever get to drive it.

If you want to end up with a fully restored car and would have to hire out the big stuff (e.g. paint & body) then you will generally be money ahead by buying a properly restored TR4 as those usually sell for less than what it would cost you to restore one.

If you want a nice driver then an older restoration or (even better) a well-maintained original is possibly what you're looking for.

There is also a niche developing (in Europe, not so much in the U.S., no idea how it is regarded in your hemisphere) of Preservation or Survivor cars -- cars that are maintained (as close as practical) in their original condition (as opposed to 'as original').

You might also look into joining a Triumph club or a British car club in your area as live resources will prove invaluable as you look for a car and assess a possible purchase. In addition, many cars change hands among club members w/o ever appearing on the open market.

Good luck mate!
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