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New Colorado Red/Signal Red Thread - Trying to get it right


Jedi Warrior
Not wanting to hijack the other thread, here is a new thread on the topic.

In the other thread on this topic, Andrea posted:
For My 100/6 I have follow the ROVER PPG COLORS RD2 Signal red
some results in daylight photos


Andrea, thank you for the great pictures. I am obsessing a bit over trying to get the color right. The panels for both the BN4 and the BJ7, both originally in Colorado Red, are not that far from putting a color coat on them. And I want to get the color right.

To my eyes, the Signal Red that you used looks similar or identical to the Colorado Red RD2 that I used on the inner body/frame areas on the BN4. But the paint dealer where I bought the paint did not have much confidence that his version of Colorado Red RD2 was the same as the original Healey version. I know that Colorado Red/Signal Red do have an orange tone to them, but I want to be sure that it does not become more orange than it should be. Hence the caution. It also seems that colors change from one brand of paint to another and from one type of paint to another.

The formula for one gallon of the Dimension Acrylic Urethane (RD2) that I sprayed on the BN4 inner body is:
DA609 Accelerator 1.9
DM502 Orange 14.9
DM521 Strong Mage 6.9
DM517 Violet 0.3
DM614 5.0 AE Mix 17.2
DM624 VOC Balanci 4.1

Do you happen to have the exact paint code for your Signal Red, (brand of paint, so much of this color and so much of that, etc)? Any other input on what others have used will also be appreciated.

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