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General TR Need help with installing glass and new seal into my surrey top.

V Rosler

Freshman Member
The old glass seal on my surrey top needed replaced so i removed the window but I am struggling getting the glass reinstalled with the new seal. Could anyone please give me a few suggestions on how to do this. I started with the seal on the glass and have worked from the bottom around towards the top on both sides with a rope in the seal but the gap is just to much to close when i get a few inches around the turn at the top of the frame. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Vance


Jedi Knight
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Agreed it is a real difficult thing to get on. And the bottom front corners for me were the worst spots. The only advice I can give is to try to get the seal warmed up so it is as pliable as possible. Maybe consider using a heat gun. Leaving the seal on the window for several days in the warm sun might help also.

V Rosler

Freshman Member
Thanks Charley, I'll get the seal on the glass here in a little bit and give the heat a try. A little troublesome with the weather in Ohio. I had a lot of trouble with the corners also. Someone at work also mentioned that a little thicker rope might help also.
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