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TR6 Need help on fixing TR6 odometer


Senior Member
My odometer and trip odometer stopped working, but the speedometer still operates. Can anyone help me on this?




Jedi Trainee
First thing you should do is pull the speedo out, and open it up. It's quite possible it's something simple like a broken, or missing spirng. There is a pawl in there that turns the gear on the odometer. There is supposed to be a small spring that holds the pawl to the gear. I suspect there is something amiss there. You may find a stripped gear, or problem with the pawl.
I got another speedo from a friend, and used parts from both to get one completely working speedo.
One thing I found is that a TR250 Speedo has more metal parts than the 71'TR6 speedo I had. I'll take metal parts over plastic ones any day.
Try this link,...it helped me:


There aren't any "new" Smiths gauges available anymore. I just got mine back from Nisonger in NY. Had them do a total refurbish of my speedo. Looks brand new. About $130.

You could take it apart yourself and try to fix it but chances of having availability of gears, magnets, etc. is nil. Nisonger has two services available, slow at regular price (4-6 weeks) or really fast (1-2 days) for an additional $35. Your choice.



Jedi Trainee
is it possible that its locked up from the remote trip lever? The location of that under the dash, and the difficulty in turning it seems to me to be just a "problem" waiting to happen. Used to be that both the Roadster Factory and Victoria British sold new Smiths instruments. I bet you could find some on the net somewhere.


Senior Member
Thanks a lot for the good advice. I'll take out the speedometer and have a look at it.
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