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Neat trick



To stop the problem of leaves and debris from falling into my scuttle vent I got a piece of stainless steel screen from Pegasus Racing and cut it to fit beneath the plastic scuttle vent. A little trimming and some persuation got it to fit snuggly. Now I don't have to fish old leaves or trash out of an area that is so prone to rust. The same screen is available from Rimmer but was easier to just fabricate at home. More hints
from Heloise. Boy, I must be board out of my mind on a rainy Saturday.



And, if you really think I suffer from OCD, I actually spot welded each and every joint on the perimeter of the screen with an Unitek orthodontic spot welder. Match that, you guys that open fuses and change the labels inside!



Jedi Trainee

I noticed that one of the phillips head screws thats holding the scuttle in place has a tiny bit of rust on it. Hmmmmm....
Ha! From one anal TR owner to another....

1970 TR-6 (Has no place that shows those screws, thank gawd!)


I haven't used that trick on my LBCs, nor have I used such nice materials, but I have put window screen material on the air intakes to my Japanese cars for this exact purpose. I got tired of hearing the rustle of leaves in those squirrel cage fans.

That is some nice looking screen you've found... I'm afraid to look at Pegasus for the price. Was it very expensive?


Yeah, it was a bit pricey, I have enough to do 4 vents. Maybe there are some other holes I want to screen over.

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