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TR6 Near TR6 for sale near Atlanta

Marvin Gruber

Country flag
Lots of nice work done. Wonder what made them do the TR4 bulge on the hood. Owner will loose money on that car at that price.



Great Pumpkin
Country flag
All that work, probably running MS.
I would have added a third throttle body


Jedi Trainee
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A couple of other things that caught my eye was the use of a distributor less ignition system and an XJ master cylinder. Makes me wonder what sort of brake set up is being used at each corner.


Great Pumpkin
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If he's running a decent MS system he needs the multispark set up


Jedi Trainee
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If he's running a decent MS system he needs the multispark set up

I'm assuming that MS is Mega Squirt and truth be known, I've never really looked into those and was unaware of that. It definitely explains the ignition set up. Perhaps I should let go of some of my "retro-grouch" ways and join the late 20th century by accepting some of this new fangled stuff.


Great Pumpkin
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If you want to really control multiple induction it's the way to go
Like this
Crossflow intake.jpg
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