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NASCAR at the Glen


Great Pumpkin
Yeah, I know, I know!
NASCAR roundy-round racing isn't my favorite either.
But I *really* enjoy watching them go at it at Watkins Glen. Anyone who can race a 3500 pound racecar with 800 HP at the Glen is a skilled driver in my book. Heck, I'm terrified by part of that track in my 60 HP Spridget!
For purists, the Rolex sports car races are tonight on Speed TV cable channel. NASCAR races are this weekend.
There'll be some NASCAR guys in the sports cars (and some road-racers in the NEXTEL race). I'm taping them both.


Jedi Trainee
What can i say other than Fantastic.............I love Nascar on the road courses.......Wish they did more tracks.......You are right ......It takes great skill to wield those tanks around there at speed........Don,t believe it ask Ron Fellows


Jedi Warrior
Wow Ron almost won the thing, last to second! But Tony had the best car and managed to keep his guts in until the race ended! Anybody who can wrangle a NASCAR racer around a road track while fighting stomach cramps is tough in my book! I root for the USAC-Hoosiers /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/driving.gif