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Mystery Screws


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So there are these two mystery welded nuts with screws in them on the top of the RHS (UK Driver's side) footwell. There are screws put into them from inside the footwell and I have no idea what they are for. This is a 948 Mk2.

I'd really like to know if they have a purpose as removing them will be much easier while the side panel etc are out of the car. If they are not needed I'll just tidy up the grind and paint over them. I suspect they may be a leftover from the Mk1 design and be unused bonnet stay nuts, but I'm unsure.

Any guidance gratefully received.

Thanks, Grant.




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I just looked at my Bugeye shell, and those welded nuts are on both LH and RH sides. Someone else may chime in, but I am thinking those are for the bonnet stays on the Bugeye
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