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Mystery eyebrow


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Hello Rover crowd. I was at a car show this weekend and saw a Rover (I don't know what kind...a 100?...I don't speak Rover at all...I'm fluent in Big Healey and conversant in MG, Triumph, and Jaguar) with little chrome doo-dads above the headlights. The owner was nowhere to be seen so I couldn't ask him/her about them and I am very curious to learn what they are called and what they are for.

Here are pictures of the eyebrow/doo-dad and the hood ornament to assist in identification. I assume you guys know all about this stuff.



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The Viking emblem is a mainstay of the Rover car distinction. Started in 1878 and continued to the 90s when it was changed to the Viking Ship. The eyebrows, I looked at over 100 pictures of the Rover 100 and only saw a few with the eyebrows. I can only assume that like other British Marques of standard, used these markers to reflect the light of the headlights or signals, so the driver new his lights were on or working. Just a guess, as the early Jags had markers on the fender lights that let you know the lights were working.


hi how are you friends The Viking emblem is a mainstay of the Rover car distinction.

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hi how are you friends The Viking emblem is a mainstay of the Rover car distinction.

Interesting observation. Don't often see deep thoughts like that in an on-line discussion. Too bad Larry said exactly the same thing in the first line of the post just before yours, which is shy of TWO YEARS prior! Keep practicing!
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