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My Windows 11 Machine Went Belly Up!


Great Pumpkin
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W-11, all of a sudden I got the blue screen of death! I did a cold boot and the machine started right up as normal, 45 minutes later same thing happened. I ran an anti virus program from a USB stick and found nothing. Another cold boot and it came back to normal again, a few minutes later, same thing with the blue screen! This HP laptop has a SSD HD of unknown brand of NVMe type and I've noticed in the past the system wasn't really acting right at times. So I ordered a Western Digital SSD/2TB and waiting for delivery. I've never had a problem with WD hard drives in the past and I wanted a bigger drive anyway si I figured I had nothing to loose.?. Im on a HP Linux machine now, which has never given me problems! Only reason for using W11 is some programs I have won't load into Linux because they just won't work for me. I imagine a programmer would be able to fix that, but that's over my head. Later. PJ
Paul - sorry to hear. My six month old SSD died last week, after several days of "disk error", "error reading file", "disk not formatted" messages. I'm still not convinced on reliability of SSD. Speed yes, reliability - maybe.

Did your HP laptop come with Win 11 installed already? At first glance, sounds like you have a HD problem - not a Win11 problem.

Tom M.
Well Tom, that's the reason I'm going back to Western Digital brand and hopefully it will resolve the problem I have. They used to be made here, but now who knows! :unsure:
I run Malwarebytes as an anti virus software, recommended to me by several Unix/Linux/Windows guys I work with. May not help with what sounds like hardware issue, but something to consider as you move ahead. Has a freeware version you manually run, doesn't scan 24/7, but it has caught and removed several things on my machine that others haven't.
And a Dropbox account as a backup. We don’t use the “automatic” backup, but I’ll dump the files on my hard drive about once per month (important files always after use).
Run the machine minimal..
Remove cd drive
Remove ram leaving one stick
Don't have anything in any usb port
Run it and see if it still does it. If yes
Then swap the ram stick and try again.
WD's "Black" series seem to be about the most reliable. But as mezy suggests, do a "process of elimination" on the hardware as well. And p'raps get a can of "condensed air" and give the fan(s) and innards a... umm... blowing-out.
Thanks guys for the suggestions. On these HP laptops you have to split the case to get to the internals which is a pita. I've found the best way to test hardware is to lay it on the screen back as the screen and keyboard are still attached, so the fan is exposed and us a mouse for control. I have another HD to try and also check the ram while waiting for the new stuff to arrive. :rolleyes2: