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My 1979 Midget...before and on its way to rebirth!


Jedi Warrior
Picked htis up a few weeks ago. Its being stripped at the auto restoration shop right now. Engine is out and the tranny is only about 2 feet long..amazing! He dropped off the seats over the weekend. Ordered all parts from Moss Motors as they are a complete rebuild except for the frames. Got 15% off too! woo hoo! These pics show the rusty metal, molded cushions etc. Got all of the new stuff today. I never did this before so I broke one seat down and stripped it apart. Used Rust Naval jelly (level 3!) to eat the old rust off, then used Phosporis Plus (sp?) to eat the rest and put a nice coat on the metal to stop any additional rusting. Got some Rustomleum car primer, sprayed it and then got Rustoleum gloss black to color it up. Just waiting for it to dry so I can begin the seat repair tomorrow! I couldnt believe how well the rust came off (wire brush and chemical and some sandpaper took it down to bare metal at points!). Anyway, I'll put some progress up here. Let me knwo whta you gusy think as I am new to all of this!


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Well, the picture shows a nice looking 1500 midget, but I don't see the seat frames. You do know about the thrust washer problems of the 1500 midget motor right?


Re: My 1979 Midget...before and on its way to rebi

nice photo journal of your progress!
You might want to post a question about this in the spridget forum, as all I know may just upset you, but the engine is apt to eating a thrustwasher on the main crankshaft... That's all I know (what I was told when I was considering buying one). There are lots of guys here that know more than me though, and I still like the midgets. Ask around. Especially in the Spridget forum. Those guys are the MG Midget Gods arounds here. I don't frquent there much, because I only own a MGB. I hope I didn't scare you too much (as I understand it's not that hard to fix, and yours may already be fixed by the PO).

Uh... I just looked your album over, and I'm a bit slow.


Nice motor Mr. Jokr, come on over to Spridgets Forum, the firewall is toasty and there's plenty of 1500 gurus (I'm certainly not one of them) that drool over pics like yours.

Actually, the 1500 gurus might be in the Triumph forum dreaming....


Country flag
Actually, the 1500 gurus might be in the Triumph forum dreaming....

[/ QUOTE ]
of 2.0ls and 2.5ls. hehehehe sorry, it was just wide open /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/devilgrin.gif


Jedi Warrior
oh gees..I thought this was the Midget forum?? What is the SPRIDGET?? Help me..i'm an MG moron!


SPRite mIDGET, kind of a AH Sprite, MG Midget casserole of peoples that share a chasis and a commonality of having a large part of our wallets disected with smiles on our faces.


Jedi Warrior
ah ok..thanks! My dad had two MGBs and rebuilt them from the ground up and I don't even know what a SPRIDGET is lol
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