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Mounting BJ8 Chassis on Rotisserie


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I am about to mount my BJ8 chassis on a rotisserie. I was planning on using the front and rear bumper mounts as mounting points. Does anyone with experience doing this see any issues using these mounting points?
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Hi, No that will be fine. That's how mine was done and no issues at all.




  • IMG_3034 1.JPG
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    IMG_2941 1.JPG
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Hi Thanks for the photo's. How did u find the center of gravity so it would rotate easily?
Hi, It is happier with the bodyshell hanging down, naturally. If you want the car on its side you may need a locking device to prevent it from rotating back to its happy space. Without seeing what you have I can't advise you.




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this is my construction. By moving the flange plate (the plate with the 4 screws) I was able to adjust the pivot point so that I could turn the body with one hand.


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Gerd, I think your method is better than mine - I drilled a series of holes on about 1" centers in both the front and rear mounting arms so lack the 'infinitely adjustable' nature of yours. I did also get to where it was easy to rotate by hand.

BTW, I found with the totally stripped chassis, that the center was near where the center of the crankshaft would be if the motor was installed.

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