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Moss & New Windshield Glass ?


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Did Moss ever make the deal with the British outfit that is remaking MGB windshields on the original molds? I cracked mine on the way to a show yesterday. A stone from a passing car was the culprit. If they made the deal, I'll wait to get a new one when they start selling them. Oh yeah, even with a cracked windshield we won first in class out of 14 MGB CBs.


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According to Moss's mag British Motoring they were supposed to have the windshields in stock in Sept. or Oct.
You will probably have to check with them to make sure.

tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I've been using VB for glass until Moss solved their problem - think I have a windshiled coming next week.
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tony barnhill said:
I've been using VB for glass until Moss solved their problem - think I have a windshiled coming next week.
Several years ago, I too had pretty good luck with BGT windshields from VB.

Interesting to note though, that one had the MG Octogon/Crest in the corner of the glass, and the other did not (both were part of the same order).

A "roving" glass installer came out and installed the windshields into both cars using new rubber surrounds (also from VB) and stayed clear of trouble until he got to the trim. His supervisor came to his rescue and both cars looked terrific by the time I got home.


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Just found this article from Moss. Sounds like the Triplex glass is going to be pricey. We'll see just how pricey. The cut out issue on the lower corner of the glass is interesting. Here's the link. https://mossmotors.com/forum/forums/post/6882.aspx


The MGA glass is about $250. IMHO, it's worth the extra $100 for a high quality windscreen. I constantly read the horrors stories about the difficulty of fitting some windscreens, and then about cracks occurring after the job is complete. No thanks!


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I agree Steve. I would pay extra for the quality and will when they become available, but they might be out of range for someone working on a tight budget and trying to get their car on the road. I have heard good reports on VBs glass.
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