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General TR Moss Motors acquires Victoria British

Geo Hahn

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Moss also recently acquired a big (possibly the biggest) U.S. Jaguar parts supplier, XKs Unlimited.

I like Moss but always thought having several vendor came with many advantages (including availability, quality & price).


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Agree, I don't see this as good news, hope they keep the Midwest shipping center, very handy for me. I know some are not huge fans of VB, but they have provided good service to me over the years.


Luke Skywalker
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Fingers crossed the acquisition trail does not lead to Rimmer or TRF.

Anyone have experience with changes, for better or worse, since acquisition at XKs Unlimited? (Obviously this is the wrong forum...)


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I am with Sarastro I used most all suppliers but never Moss. As one of the Tec. guys in the club on TR's I get calls about problems. and the need for parts. They will install a new part and still have a problem, I will ask what part and where did you get it!! TRF, British Parts Northwest, Summit Racing. Now Moss does have some good Tec info. Madflyer


Jedi Trainee
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[FONT=&quot]I used to buy my parts at Start Your Engines Inc. in Beltsville MD. Every time I went to DC for a national business meeting I would stop at SYE on the way home to pick up what I needed and save on shipping. [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Moss acquired them too.[/FONT]


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I used to buy my parts at Start Your Engines Inc. in Beltsville MD. Every time I went to DC for a national business meeting I would stop at SYE on the way home to pick up what I needed and save on shipping.

Moss acquired them too.

Moss - becoming the Standard Oil of British car parts. :mad-new:


Obi Wan
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Problem is, there is only one manufacturer for many of the parts we use, so you are likely to get the same thing wherever you buy it. The real divide is in things like customer service, and Moss's exists just to tell you how wrong you are and how great they are, and if you don't agree, go suck eggs. That's why I never buy anything from them. I scour the internet for good or restorable used parts and buy new only when there is no alternative.


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I've had decent customer service from Moss. Can't remember anything in the "suck eggs" category.

If I have time, I buy from dealers, such as Tom's Import Toys, but since I live near Moss, I usually get stuff in a day from them if in a hurry.

Edit: Spoke to them today 11/25 for an order placed 11/20 - still not shipped. Shipping dept is on 1/2 staff.
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Luke Skywalker
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Seems to be the way of the financial world; simply buy the competition and what do you know, there is no competition. Moss, on a more positive note, has provided enough parts to keep needy British cars on the road for the past 50 years or so. For that I am grateful.
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