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For Sale Morris Minor Factory Workshop Manual om CD/ROM - All Models 1959 - 1967

Morris Minor Factory Workshop Manual on CD/ROM – All Models 1959 through 1967

Originally published by British Leyland, this workshop manual is now in the public domain and has been digitized and formatted into a 442-page .PDF document, indexed and bookmarked, with pages easily viewed and printed for your specific projects. This rare manual contains all of the original instructions and line drawings published by the manufacturer for this classic model, and is invaluable as a restoration guide. It can also be printed and bound to become a unique addition to your literature collection.
Shipping by USPS First Class Mail is free of charge within the US. International Shipping by USPS First Class Mail is available for $2.40. The CD also includes a recent version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. It operates on Windows and Mac computers. For sale on Ebay for $12.95.


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