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More TV car stuff


Great Pumpkin
Sorry, but this may only apply to North American TV viewers (do any of you get "SpeedTV" in other parts of the world?).

I know that some of you are also readers and followers of "Grassroots Motorsports".
On Saturday, December 6, 2003 on "SpeedTV" (American cable TV channel).
9:00 pm Grassroots 12 Hours at the Point.
This is from the 2002 event (I think). I drove at "The Point" (Summit Point, WV) for the first time recently....it's the bees knees.
Also, "reminder"...Speed TV will have an all-day amateur road-racing marathon on Dec 25 with the SCCA Valvoline Runoffs. At 8 AM, the GP race will feature Ken Buchel, a friend and fellow EMRA racer (unfortunately, his yellow CRX DNF'd due to piston failure).

Dec 25 SpeedTV Schedule: