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More pics from Falls Village Festival

Bob Claffie

Jedi Knight
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These don't go anywhere else !


  • IMG_0702.JPG
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  • IMG_0703.JPG
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  • IMG_0705.JPG
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  • IMG_0706.JPG
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  • IMG_0720.JPG
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  • IMG_0730.JPG
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  • IMG_0733.JPG
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  • IMG_0736.JPG
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  • IMG_0749.JPG
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  • IMG_0712.JPG
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great pics! thanks
Bob Claffie

Bob Claffie

Jedi Knight
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A few slipped by me the first time around. I had to show the front end of the OLD Aston Martin and the "special" that I didn't recogniize.


  • IMG_0745.JPG
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  • IMG_0747.JPG
    1.2 MB · Views: 28


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Nice! I haven't seen a good European show for way too long (we all know why), meantime I'm surrounded by way too much American metal here in Alberta... :( And I spy a Mercedes-Benz 300SL with Montana plates on it
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