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Modern paint codes for Speedwell and Iris Blue for my Bugeye


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Hi all,
I quoted the codes could find for Speedwell Blue and Iris Blue as used on Bugeye Sprites, to an auto paints specialist and they gave me a blank look.

Can anyone give me codes for these that match these original colours from whatever modern paint companies are out there?



Good luck....I've had three different company's mix a modern paint code to match a original Lotus color and none of them matched each other or the spray up card from the guy that got the original match figured out.

You would think that in this modern computer age matching paint would be easy.

Spray up card I have is apparently too small to be scanned accurately. I have had that done with other cars successfully.



Obi Wan
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I had a heck of a time getting the correct Iris Blue for my Bugeye and I still think it needs a touch more gray.


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Ditto to all. I've had terrible luck (even with some that were sure it was correct).
The best result I got was a fender re-spray at a shop (that did all the matching).


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Thanks all.
Thats a very nice blue Rut.

Its good seeing different blues even if I can't be sure how they look in real life (without variables like colour balance, light levels when photographed etc., computer monitor variations, etc.).

In the absence of having any cars with these actual blues in my area, and having given up on paint shops I might check out a local bodyworks and see what they do re touching up original cars
Still no closer to a decision on which to use even if I do manage to find matches!


Obi Wan
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I found these pictures from my Iris Blue search and hope they help.


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Desert Rat

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Paint is different than it was when these cars were new so an exact match from original paint codes is difficult. I know people have had decent luck with a paint scanner on an interior part of an original Iris blue car to get a close match but if you donā€™t have an Iris Blue car thatā€™s not an option.
You might email David at Bugeye Guy dot com and see if he can recommend a paint code/ recipe that is a good match. Heā€™s restored enough of these cars he may have something.
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