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Mitty at Road Atlanta this weekend, Apr 23-25


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I let this slip up on me. I will not be attending this year. If you go, look for a group of Triumphs, mostly TR6s and Spitfires camping and generally hanging out at Turn 5. In 2019 we had a large group from the 6Pack forum, the long distance award from CA and the regulars from MO, OH, AL, MS, LA, TN, GA, and NC. Great races with plenty of LBCs, this year Corvette is the featured marque.


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Any of the Triumph owners actually racing at this event? It would be nice to see a follow-up report on what the competition was like post Covid.


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None of this group are currently racing, though they do stop at a local go kart venue on the way.
It appears that they had a good time!




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