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Missionary in need of a Defender Guru


Yey all you Land Rover lovers.
My Brother is a full time missionary in Ghana Africa. His daily workhorse is a 1997 Defender 110 that has the 300 TDI engine. It was once RHD, and has been converted to LHD as per Ghanaian law. He tries to care for it as best he can, but it takes a beating on the terrible roads around where he is, and it was the victim of some shoddy workmanship before he got it.. I'm trying to find someone with a lot more knowledge of these beasties than I have. He asks me for help occasionally, and I am not much help due to my limited exposure to Land rovers, and diesels.
His goal is to do a complete mechanical refresh and keep the rover on the road instead of buying a used Mitsubishi Ute that has been hacked by the local "Fitters" as they call mechanics in Ghana.
His current battle is a lot of black smoke after a head replacement, and now a turbo that has way to much runout in the shaft causing oil consumptuion and blue smoke sometimes.
The turbo is on order, but the black smoke is something else, unless it's also related to the turbo issue.
He's also looking into a new wiring harness to fix the butchered one from the conversion.

Anyone that could be a contact for parts and info would be great.


Freshman Member
A 1997 Defender would have the 300 tdi engine which is considered the best engine of all because its the last true hobby engine LR did and has no electronics. I did many thousands of miles on one with zero problems, just make sure you change the cambelt as per the book.

Try removing the EGR valve and then blank it off with a flat plate, they tend to run better and cleaner without it.

Best parts availability is the UK, the usual suspects are Paddocks, Rimmer Bros, Dunsfold etc.