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Minx IIIb wiring help?


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I think I picked up someone's old project car, so I am hoping someone could snap me some underhood pics of an unmolested car, please. There are a few online, but nothing really detailed/high enough quality to let me really see how things should be. I am mainly interested in seeing the area of the distributor, wherever wires/hoses should be running through the firewall, and the fuse panel area.

The PO had hotwired it under the hood so it would fire, but I already new that. I was able to get it to run long enough to pressurize the lubrication system and find that there were no leaks or strange noises. The wiring, however, is a disaster. The coil is wired up with 12g building wire, and it seems almost everything else is just the standard wire that one would find on their desk lamp, and all of it is twisted together and protected with electrical tape. I have wires running into places that they shouldn't (like the grommet for the throttle), or factory wires that have been set aside for the lamp wiring (wiper motor).

On the bright side, getting power into the circuits inside the car began to power things up like they should. Dash lights and warning lamps were able to come on, one park light, one turn signal, low/high beams, and even the blower motor. The interior wiring seems relatively undamaged, but I do have some of those lamp wires coming to where my ignition switch should be, what looks like two aftermarket toggle switches under the gauge cluster, and some small gauge black wires that look like they may have come up the steering column at one time. I have yet to test the circuits heading to the exterior lamps, but I am thinking that I will have more than a few bad bulbs.

Thanks in advance!


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Might google wiring harness for that particular car and get the engine harness, will be color coded as original harness and make it easier. I can send you a couple places in the morning. I have them as favorites on main computer not ipad.


Great Pumpkin
This *might* help:



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Might google wiring harness for that particular car and get the engine harness, will be color coded as original harness and make it easier. I can send you a couple places in the morning. I have them as favorites on main computer not ipad.

This one gave me the colors after I realized I had a problem. https://rootes.dyndns.org/display1.php?Path=HL_S1-3b&db=Hillman&table=HL_S1_3b&Page=front I'll be happy to have more than one source for info though.

This *might* help:

It did. It showed me that I am missing something else, half way down the left side of the image, between the ducting and the edge of the picture. All I have there is two holes with an old piece of duct tape attempting to cover them.
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