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For Sale Midget/Sprite nose section - used [Moss Motors P/N 455-145]


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Hello, Spridgeteers!

In late 1991, I had the misfortune of colliding with a deer in my '73 Midget. How he got in my Midget, I'll never know, but I had the very good fortune that it was a very small deer. The car suffered damage to the left front fender, bonnet, and grille. More good fortune was that I found an intact 1972 Midget (VIN GAN5UC123531G, for those who care) in a local junkyard, bought the whole thing, stripped it of all removable parts, and left the bare chassis shell sitting on the ground.

This nose section (Moss Motors P/N 455-145) was part of the junkyard Midget and it has hung in my garage since then. I know now that I'll never need it, so it is for sale. Moss gets $480 (plus shipping) for a new unit. I'm asking $75.00 for this one, and buyer pays the shipping cost or can pick it up in Havelock, North Carolina. There is light surface rust where paint is thin or missing, perforating rust in one place as shown in the photos, and an approximate 8" x 3" smooth dent in the lower section that has an ancient filler repair. More information on request.

Steve Byers
Havelock, NC USA
Tel: (+1) 2524478812


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