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Midget runs inconsistently


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Ok...bear with me. Purchased a 1972 midget one year ago. Drove fine for a few months then rings started to pass. Machined, honed, and re-sleeved. AEverything is back together again and running fine. Over time, i notice that the car starts fine, runs fairly smooth for the first 20 mintues, then a few things happen...depressing the clutch creates a significant drop in rpms (i heard of a few hundred, but this is typically 500 - 700 and enough to stall out the car) AND it becomes very difficult to put in gear (i always have to go thru 2 for 1 but i'm having trouble putting it in gear period when it gets hot). Any initial thoughts. Thanks


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Thanks. I’ve been out there playing around…now even idling in the garage and neutral when i depress the clutch I can hear whining…


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I have been trying to diagnose. What I have confirmed…

- idling about 800-900 rpm
- replaced pressure plate, disc, and bearing less than two months ago
- fluids look clean
- master and slave throw in attached pics…not sure what’s normal…master moves ~ 3/4”, slave only about a 1/4”. have to check my Haynes

any other thoughts?


  • E59BB1E6-CD47-4C82-BC15-90CDE648B5AF.jpeg
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1/4" throw seems short to me - a VERY common issue is the holes in the bracket (circled) wear and end up shaped like an oval. Also the clevis pin wears (If you see where the arrow is pointing it looks worn from here)

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Thanks. Let me go take a look.
Thanks again. No oval wear identified. I did end up replacing the pin. I bled the master and the slave just to ensure there was nothing in the system. Same issue…i took a video of the squeal that occurs by the slave when the clutch is depressed…any way to post a vid here?


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You can also have wear at the pivot point but that is less likely. Have seen Pedal Arm ovaled out as well.
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