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Midget Brake Pedal Question


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Hello I just helped a friend install a new Brake MC on his Midget. I'm visiting from the TR3 forum. When the brake system has been bled properly how far down should you be able to push the pedal down before you start to meet the resistance indicating the brakes are being applied? I don't feel the resistance until the pedal is about 3" from the floor? The brakes come on good at that point but I'm thinking the pedal should start to engage when you push it down about an 1&1/2"?
The front and rear shoes and pads have been renewed also and the owner is going to go for a ride to bed them in. When we bled the brakes there were few if any air bubbles in the system??? but a lot of old discolored amber brake fluid. I was of the opinion that we should have bled the system until clear fluid was seen .....which may still do. The old MC had lots of black swarf in the resevoir.
Also it was impossible to get the brake lines started in the new MC. The MC is the aftermarket one from Moss. We had to put the old MC hex head "receptacles" into the new MC before we had a chance of getting the brake line nuts to thread in. Possibly the threads in the "aftermarket" MC are not quite right? Anyone bought a Moss aftermarket MC and had this issue?
Man there's not much room to get those MC hold down bolts out:nightmare:
Cheers Karl


Adjust rear brake shoes to the point that the wheels just turn free.
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