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Michelotti one off body on an E-type? What year chassis and what shop did the work?


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Going way back to 1957, a French racing driver named Jean marie Brussin, crashed XKD513, a D-type, at Lemans with fatal results.

I am writing histories about Italian cars and am interested in the events after that, when the wreck was bought by Michelotti, a carrozzeria in Italy.

On the site ConceptCar, Daniel Vaughn wrote in 2008: "The car remained in Michelotti's care until the late 1960s, when ownership transferred to Richard P. Carter, who had it imported into the United States. It would remain with Mr. Carter until 1973, selling to Andrew Gortway. Mr. Gortway shipped the car to England and into the car of Lynx Cars, a Jaguar specialist. The shop was commissioned to perform a complete restoration bringing it back to its original Le Mans configuration.

The Michelloti coupe body was removed, revealing the original D-Type parts. Both the Michelotti coupe body and the XKD 513 were later sold. Laurence Bristow purchased XKD 513 who continued with the restoration. The original mechanical components, and other sourced from XKD 511, were utilized in the re-build. By the close of the 1970s, the restoration of XKD 513 was complete and returned to the United States."

What I would like to know, if anyone remembers, is what Richard Carter bought the Michelotti-bodied D-type for, or what Andrew Gortway bought it for?

The E-type info that would be good to hear is what year chassis was selected? Coupe or roadster? Racing car or street car? SN? RHD or LHD? And who did the work? Has the car come up for auction?

My theory--and I'd like to hear opinions--is that this car was a real bargain when it was sold with the D-type chassis, but ironically, with E-types soaring in value, might actually hurt the value of the E-type it sits on now...any opinions appreciated.
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