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Miata windows


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I am not a fan of a lot of electrical luxuries in my cars. My dad had a maxim that the more bells and whistles a car had the more things there were to go wrong.

For the past year I have been struggling with old electric window regulators in the Miata. I initially just took them apart, cleaned them, and greased them good. That worked for a month or so. The tiny little motors had started to struggle to get the windows up, so I bought a pair of after market regulators. Those worked for a few months, but they were on the cheap side and started struggling themselves. I decided that it was time for an upgrade.

I bought a pair of manual regulators on Ebay, one from a 91 and one from a 94 Miata, both were in good condition. After a little cleaning and lubrication they went in, and now I have beautiful manual windows.

While doing this, I also decided to replace the old cardboard door panels, and bought a pair of ABS ones from Hall Racing. I had to enlarge the speaker holes to accommodate my Rockford Fosgate 6" speakers, but that was easy enough. I just measured out how much larger the hole needed to be, scored the abs with a razor blade, then used a coping saw to cut it into approximately 1" sections that I snapped off along the scored line. I did have to put the speaker grills on the belt sander and take about 3/8" off of them so that the window cranks would clear them. I also took a little bit of material off the very end of the window cranks, and have about .040" clearance between the grill and the crank handle. I'm pretty pleased, with how this little Sunday project turned out. As an added bonus deleting the arm rest produced a bit more knee room for me.



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looks great well done! (windows that go up and down are just a fad anyway)


Great Pumpkin
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Armrests? A modern un-necessity in any two-seater. Only reason the later Elans have electric windows is there's NO room to work a crank.


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Nice job. Looks like the factory did it.
Thanks. I think they look pretty good myself.

I've got to admit I'm really liking not dealing with the sorry old electric ones anymore.
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