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I'm completely new to the MG midgets and will be picking up my first one this evening. I have had several Miatas and have a 5 speed trans left over. Is there a conversion kit or some way to bolt the Miata 5 speed to a midget engine. Has this conversion been done before?. Any info would be greatly appreciated, cause I have a guy who want my 5 speed and if it will not work with the midget, I will sell it.


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I'm getting ready to stuff a Miata engine and gearbox into a midget. It has been done before. Check out www.the-mite.com I'm remaking the front upper and lower control arms first, then working on the rear suspension.

After that, it'd frame stregthning and chopping out the trans tunnel. Then, flipping and...well, just read the-mite.com. That's pretty much what I'm going to do--sans the turbo.



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Scott, as you can see from the photos of the Mite, it's not a particuarly good fit. As far as adapting to the Midget engine, I don't think that has been done. The most common transmission swaps are the Datsun 210 5 speed in the A series engine cars and the Ford type 9 in the 1500 cars. Datusn boxes are getting scarce but still do show up on e-bay and craigslist occasionally as well as in some local salvage yards. The Ford type 9 is an import, only came to the US in the Merkur and not many of those. Quantum Mechanics has a kit for the type 9 to the A series engine as well https://www.quantumechanics.com/categories.php?op=newindex&catid=6 and the Datsun adaptor is available from Rivergate https://www.rivergate5speed.com/rivergate.html
If you have an early 74 with the 1275cc A series either of those would work for you, if you have the later 1500 cc engine then another option would be the OD transmission from a Triumph Spitfire. That installation is pretty easy and has been covered in the latest issue of MGB Driver.
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