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T-Series Mgtd oil pump alterations

Arkansas MG

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Realizing these engines are almost 70 years old, and they have been in the hands of several people. After removing the oil pump to clear the engine so cam could be removed, i noticed the oil pressure bypass valve (the one used to circumvent the oil filter if it should become clogged) was missing. In its place was a metal tube (see picture). If i understand the mechanics of this alteration the oil would flow past the oil filter at all times. I have removed the tube and inserted the valve assembly (spring, ball and guide) as it should be. The question i have is,.....why in the world would someone make this alteration, is there some advantage to having done so.


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Arkansas MG

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That is as I have found out as well. This however is not the valve (spring and ball) that controls the engine oil pressure, but rather the valve in the block behind the oil pump (similar design) that controls the bypass to the oil filter if the filter should become clogged. It allows for oil to continue to flow to the engine even though it is not screened through the filter. Some past owner removed the bypass valve in the block and replaced with the metal pipe in the picture. I suspect this alteration allowed for the oil to flow back to the engine all the time without going through the filter. I have since removed the pipe and installed the ball, spring and guide. What perplexes me is why would the pipe be put in. Was there a purpose? I have never seen before. Thanks for any input.
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