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MGC MGC Performance Exhaust System

I recently installed the stainless, single muffler, system available from Moss on my 1969 MGC. It was an easy install and only required the addition of a short piece of flex pipe near the exhaust header (similar to the stock set-up).

The system is "throatier" than the stock system 9as it delets the middle resonator. It is a bit louder, and deeper in tone. More evident when standing directly behind the car; I don't notice a lot extra noise in the cockpit.

I will be using this system on my 1968 MGC when the need arrives.



I'm not sure ANSA or Arbarth ever made a system for the MGC. Do you have information to the contrary? I'd love to see it, just to compare what they had to what's out there now.

The Maniflow system, IMO, is the best one out there for the C. They have a dual system like fitted to the Downton cars, and I believe they have a single system also. They were founded by ex-Downton employees and have the same jigs used by Downton.

The downside of this system is the cost of getting it over here.

Perhaps Moss offers an equivalent. Their European branch offers a similar system to the Downton brand, or at least they did, so maybe they can get it for you.

My 2 cents.


tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I've got 1 still in the plastic for Jerri's Glacier White MGB GT....however, for sound, you can't beat one custom made out of pipe & "cherry bombs".


Freshman Member

I saw a C GT in the paddock at Lime Rock this Fall with an ANSA system on it. Or at least it had ANSA marked twin pipes peeking out the rear. This may be a lengthy search.


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Easier and cheaper to just make one. We did it on our MGC, built headers and a twin system with small glasspacks. Never had it on a dyno, but that and the carbs and headwork added 15 MPH or so to top end.


Jedi Trainee

I just happend to get on the MG forum and noticed this discussion on exhausts.

I have a 1962 TR-3B with a Monza exhaust. I have headers going into the exhaust. The only thing I would like to do is to make the system louder.

I really like the twin chrome outlets on the Monza. Have you ever had a Monza system and removed the front muffler? If so, how did it sound? Any issues as far as back pressure goes?

Thanks for any advice you can give.


tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I have removed the front muffler & run only the rear "resonator" on MGB's....great sound if you can get it past your spouse......

tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
That's one reason why I don't have any of my exhaust systems welded together - so I can 'play' with them until I get them like I want them.


Jedi Trainee

I have the '62 TR-3B with headers into a Monza exhaust that I want to be louder. Since last corresponding with you, I have done a lot of research and visiting to local muffler shops.

Essentially, I am told that the front "muffler" is really a straight-through pipe and removing it will not make much of a difference in sound.

Pacesetter now makes their Monza for my car without resonators in the twin chrome outlets on the rear muffler. Not sure if that will make it much louder and its pricey ($180 just for the rear muffler).

I checked with Cherry Bomb today and they have a new glasspack that is only 8" long. Another is 12" long. Both have 2" inlets and outlets.

I called a local shop and they said the cherry bomb with the existing resonator up front may be too much of a reduction in back pressure.

I would appreciate your thoughts on all this.




Great Pumpkin
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Paul said:
I would appreciate your thoughts on all this.

Umm...as would the rest of us, Paul. Unfortunately Tony is no longer with us. Have a look around the posts at the top of the Pub forum for details.
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