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MGA MGA Wheel specs


Freshman Member
Hey Everyone, I've been thinking of putting some aftermarket wheels on an A and was wondering about the original tire sizing:

1. I measured the bolt patern to be 4 x 4.5" (4x 114.3mm) is this correct?

2. What is the offset?

3. What is the width of the tire?

4. Any idea how wide I can go with no rubbing issues + any suggestions for wheels (not a fan of the minilights). I like the new mini's wheels but they only come in 4 x 100mm!

Thanks a lot!
Anything you can get outside of what's normally offered for that particular car couldn't be ~normal~ looking. What are you thinking about mounting up on it?

My favorite is Painted steel wheels with stock chrome hubcaps....

wide whites or redlines are optional - hehehehehe /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumbsup.gif


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You can use TR6 wheels (5.5") with 185 - 70 15 tires - that's about the most without rubbing fenders.

I'd opt for widening the stock rims, but the stock rims are truly garbage as far as strength goes. You might be able to figure out how to weld pins to fit the stock MGA hubcaps on the TR wheels - that might look interesting.


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IMHO nothing but the Minilite style look even vaguely vintage.

Why not stick a set of Panasports on it - the price is usually fair from the usual vendors.



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After I posted that it struck me that I had been playing around with wheels on my Jamaican MGA last night. It has wires and I wanted wider wires from Dayton and needed to check possible width and offset.

I remembered that the magnesium Campagnolos on my old Lambo were the same spline, so I pulled out the spare (brand new tire and rim, never been on a car), and tried it on the MGA.

It would fit, but I decided that 6" was a better width than the 7" of the Lambo so I am having some Cobra 15 x 6 centrelaced wheels made up for it.

I think that an MGA with the Campagnolos would look pretty interesting.......



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This is an ongoing ? only you can answer. I wrestled with it for years. Moss Mtr's British Motoring mags, vol 22 & 23 offer a world of info on old and new tire sizing. I've had my bugeye 25 yrs and decided to go outside the box. Using the info in the mags, I ordered 14" x 6" wheels with different offsets from Circle wheels. I found 185x60 14s were about the same dia as the origonal 13 x 5'20s. I love the look and the tires fit under the wings with no rubbing. Its awsome.


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I am in the earliest stages of building a set of disc knock-offs for one of my Bs. I want something that will look pretty much like the Rudge knock-offs that came with the Twin Cam MGAs. If I can ever find a decent set of five of the OEM 14" MGB disc wheels I can move forward pretty quickly. When something is far along enough I'll post some photos. Jack

tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Interesting roteisserie that GT's sitting on, Jack - or, rather, should I say hanging? Or swinging?


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The roto from heck! My own creation Tony. Two hoists from Northern Tool, drum brakes off of a mini-van rear axle, two MGB parking brake mechanisms and some steel. It will go from flat on the floor to "walk around under it height" and tilt to any degree front to rear. The whole thing rotates on the mini-van wheel bearings and locks with the parking brake gizmos. I'm in the middle of doing the "stop these little surface rust spots" routine. Jack
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