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TR2/3/3A Metal washers for SU H6 float bowls


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I have a leak on the lower connection of the float bowl and carb body, rear carb only. The rubber seals appear to be Vitron. Looking at both carbs. The lower washers appear to be correct, approximately the same size as the flange they mate to. The upper washers are not the same as each other or the lower washers. One is copper and similar to an oil plug crimp gasket, smaller than the Vitron seal and the other is aluminum and about the same size as the vitron seal.
What should these four washers look like?


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Upper washers should be the same as the lower ones. Not Viton usually, but something similar.

The stock seals don't last very long in my experience, so I'm guessing what you are seeing is a previous attempt to find a longer lasting solution.

TRF will sell just the washers (aka grommets), if you don't want to buy the kit.
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