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mazda 3 2005 accessorized[new] OR 2006 basic[new]?



I need to purchase a new car.

What are the pluses and minuses of my two choices?

Mazda 3 new from the dealership, 2006, no upgrading
and minimal accessories. Or, Mazda 3, 2005, new from
dealership with added accessories (6 air-bags, central lock
system, alarm system, 4 electronic windows, alloy wheels.
The Mazda 3 2005 costs 280$ more than the simple 2006.
The car I purchase is to serve me for at least ten years.
Which is the preferable purchase? (the same upgraded)
Mazda 3 is sold now in 2006 for aprox. 1800$ more


Jedi Knight
Re: mazda 3 2005 accessorized[new] OR 2006 basic[n

Just me, I'd go with last years model and all the extra goodies.


Re: mazda 3 2005 accessorized[new] OR 2006 basic[n

It sort of also depends on whether you are financing or buying outright, and what sort of deals Mazda are offering in Israel (I assume from your profile that's where the car is going to be owned). If you are financing and you can get a low apr on a new purchase then it might well end up cheaper to get a new car loaded or not than one a year old. Even if you can pay outright there is the opportunity cost of the money to consider. It's contrary to commonly held logic I know, but that's what 0% APR financing does for you...
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