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TR2/3/3A "MaXpeedingRods" con rods good or bad?


Freshman Member
I’m planning to rebuild my TR3A engine and have heard that the original con rods are a weak point.
Is there anybody with experience in the “MaXpeedingRods" con rods?
Which seems to be good value for the price.
Jonas Ek


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
The stock rods are fine as long as you're not exceeding 6000 rpm on a regular basis (factory redline was 5000). Generally the crankshaft is a problem long before the rods are; and even then only if you exceed the factory redline on a regular/continuous basis.

Sorry, never heard of the "MaxpeedingRods". The racers around here seem to mostly use either Pauter or Carrillo, along with a Moldex crank and harmonic dampener. I've never built an engine to turn over 6000 rpm, so I've just used stock rods & never had a problem with them.


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The MaxSpeedingRods have a very good reputation for durability and weighing the same...much lighter than stock con rods. I considered them for my MGB engine, but my old rods had been resized and balanced. The cost of the Max rods is very good and compares well with balancing and resizing original rods and I'll use them on my TR4a engine build when the time comes.

Edit: if you shop eBay, make sure you buy from Maxspeedingrods, not Maxpeedingrods! They also have a best offer selection with free shipping and they can be had for a little over $300.00 US.


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For a street engine, you're fine.

For a racing engine - Carrillo, Crower, or Pauter can work for you. Carrillo being the lightest.

Crankshafts, Moldex or Marine Crankshaft, with Marine being a lot nicer than the Moldex (old 80s design).
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