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Master Cylinder Rebuild Help Please


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OK- I'm an idiot.

Rebuilding the master cylinder on our MK III Sprite w/a Moss 3/4" kit and referencing the Workshop Manual Figure M.5.

Items 13- Secondary cups: these seat with the cup facing to the right?

Items 10-Main Cups- these seat with the cup facing to right also, so that the spring sits in the cup, and centered on the little rubber nipple at the bottom of the cup?

Joe Schlosser

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If my memory is correct, the edges of the two cups face the direction of motion of the piston when you apply the brakes. If that is to the right side of the pic of the shop manual then you got it right


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And if that doesn't work you can always resleeve them in brass. Getting to those inside cups without scoring the bore can be troublesome.
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