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Mark IV front suspension


It's been a while since I've posted. I have been cleaning up the front suspension on my Mk IV. 50 years of accumulation with the goal of replacing the lower A arm fulcrum bushings. I won't go into the details, because you all know what this job entails. Of course, the more you clean the more you find. The king pin fulcrum pin is well perished. So with everything apart, what is the "easiest" way to go. I am up for replacing the a arm, king pin, stub axle, fulcrum pin and bushes. How many of these parts can I get pre-assembled, and where would be the best way to source them. Many, many thanks.

Joe Schlosser

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Car looks good in pic.
Obviously replacing the whole assy in one piece is the easiest. Sometimes the A arm with King pin already assembled are available on Ebay.
Moss and Victoria British are the main US suppliers. AH Spares in the UK is also a source (they supply a lot of stuff to Moss)
The if everything is apart putting in a new lower fulcrum bolt is not a problem.
Replacing the bushes in the stub axle is the problem, as they need to be reamed with a special reamer so that they are in line. Some car clubs may have the reamer to loan out. If you dont have any wobble on Stub axle to king pin then you may not wantt o touch the stub axle.
Everything else is just clean and reassemble.


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Moss is showing Swivel Axle Assemblies in their catalog Part # 264-276 RH and 264-286 LH. Those appear to come assembled but not sure if bushings are installed and reamed. Call Moss.Peter Caldwell at World Wide Imports in Madison WI used to provide a turn Key Reaming and Assembly Service, he did 2 sets for me, but last time I checked he was too busy with rebuilding shocks but that may have changed. Give him a call. He's a MOSS Dealer and could likely put it all together as a turnkey assembly. Replace both Wishbones. If one is trashed or cracked, like the other is the same way. Order Major Suspension Kit, I did reassembly my BE with Purple Poly Bushings. Rubber was deteriorating badly on the rubber bushings I installed on Bugsy IV when I converted him to discs in less than a year. Don't forget Shocks from Peter as well. Replacing the shocks on my '68 made a major improvement, but needed to go to wishbones and major suspension kit. Car was so bad up front that it would change lanes when the front wheels hit a paint strip. Driving over 20 mph could only be done with a clenched Sphincter Muscle. Afterwards along with new bushings and new Shocks in the rear, and adding a front Sway bar, a '68 may or may not have had a sway bar, handling was on rails.


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Peter did the ones on Miss Agatha. That is where I would go again.
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